Issue 1.1

Online Journal of Peace and

Conflict Resolution 1.1

ISSN 1522-211X

March 1998

Thank you for reading the first issue of the Online Journal of Peace and Conflict Resolution. I hope you will be pleased with our efforts. I would like to thank all those who submitted works to the OJPCR and encourage everyone interested to submit for future issues.

This issue, we have some very interesting pieces:

Remember: anyone is welcome and encouraged to submit to the OJPCR.

In the future, I am hoping to add regular features, including:

  • A series of biographical essays about important figures, not only in peace and conflict resolution, but historical thinkers and pacifists as well.
  • A special section to feature student writing.
  • Articles with special focus on non-western peacemaking and conflict resolution.
  • Book reviews and notices of future publications.
  • And many more based on suggestions from readers!

Thanks again for all of the support!

Derek Sweetman

editor, OJPCR


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